Busy times for Ruach Ru

December 05, 2018
Ruach Ru

Reggae singer Ruach Ru recently staged the event Pon Di Endz at Mello Sports Bar.

She hosted the event both to promote her new music and to provide a platform for artistes to showcase their songs.

The singer performed a terrific set and the evening saw other performers gracing the stage as well, including Mr Lexx, Sabrina Diva, and The Outlawz.

"I'm ecstatic about the support this event got, the crowd was buzzing and the atmosphere amazing; it was everything I imagined it could be," she said.

The next staging will be on December 19.

She has also been blazing the local and international scene with two of her hottest tracks, Mr Player Man and Watering I.

Both tracks were self-produced on the singer's own label, Tyde Jam Records. Mr Player Man is a sultry reggae track that speaks to maintaining a relationship with a player. The more soulful Watering I is an inspirational track about life's journeys.

She has two more tracks gracing the airwaves, Sunshine and Hold Strong, which were both released in September.

Continuing the promotional efforts, the singer has the upcoming Jamrock Reggae World Fest at the Windsor Lounge in St Ann's Bay on December 8.

Singing is not the only art the talented Ruach Ru dabbles in. She is also a fashion designer and the owner of House of Ruach Designs.

Catering to both males and females, she will soon be launching her line of T-shirts and caps called 'Chat Bout'.

"The line will support my musical endeavours and will be available for sale online," she explained.