Praj-X counteracts Jada Kingdom's 'Banana'

December 06, 2018

Deejay Praj-X has counteracted Jada Kingdom's 'Banana' with a song called 'Plantain'.

He said that the song has been racking up impressive views on social media since its upload a month ago.

"The feedback right here in Clarendon has been amazing. Plantain is probably one of my more popular songs right now," said Praj-X.

Praj-X has released songs, including Mad Ting N Boom, Richness Come a Mi Foot, Sexy and Bad and Go Fi Kartel.

Since entering the Magnum Kings and Queens of the Dancehall competition in 2009 under the name 'Neckoteen', Praj-X has been busy making a name for himself in dancehall circles. However, it hasn't been an easy task.

"The journey has been difficult, definitely not an easy one. The buying of views by some artistes in the business is having a negative effect on many talented artistes. Not just me, but other artistes out there. You get fight from artiste, producer and selector. That's why me do my own thing. Mi nuh follow man, me build my own hype," said Praj-X, who released a nine-song EP called Alien Anatomy last year.

Born Jeffrey Porter, he is originally from Clarendon. He said that he developed a passion for music at an early age.

"I started doing music before I even realised I was doing music. Banging on desks at school and deejaying. But eventually I decided to take this serious as a career," said Praj-X, who is now based in the Corporate Area.