Footloose to give patrons 'fashion ova style'

December 14, 2018
This woman was definitely feeling the beat when she attended Footloose in August.

The final Footloose retro party for the year is scheduled to take place on Saturday at Mas Camp, Stadium North. The popular retro party series is promoted by Broadway Productions.

According to promoter Tyrone Dixon, Footloose continues to attract a large turnout each staging because it is consistent with its offerings.

"We always deliver what we promise. Being consistent is important and also listening to feedback from patrons is critical in the survival of any event," Dixon said.

Dubbed the Fashion Ova Style edition, Footloose will feature music from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

Title sponsor Stones Ginger Wine has promised '3-some' bucket deals all night, as patrons dance away to their favourite hits from the past.

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