Mygrain speaks for the voiceless

December 14, 2018

Dancehall artiste Mygrain is using his platform to speak for those with no voice, through his latest promotional effort, Pressure. Produced by JIK Music Production and High Pass G Production, Pressure is a track that describes the struggles the artiste has been through.

"I wrote this song because I think I have the power as an entertainer to let the ghetto voice be heard," he said.

The track was released in November, and the accompanying music video is available on his VEVO page.

Mygrain is confident that this could be the breakthrough track to set his career forward.

Meanwhile, he is also promoting another track, Style You Got. The upbeat dancehall track was produced by Multi-Talented Music and is featured on the 'Dancehall Forever' Rhythm. In addition, Mygrain has released tracks such as Success, The Truth, Ghetto Youths Appeal and Dan Ship.

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