Nikki Chromazz threatened after loom crashes

December 18, 2018
Fashionista and promoter Nikki Chromazz

Social media personality Nikki Chromazz is assuring disgruntled loom investors that she will refund their money.

The young entrepreneur took to Instagram on the weekend to announce that she owed $6.7 million to loom investors, after the service she has been advertising in recent months crashed.

She also claimed that she has been receiving death threats that forced her to cancel appearances in St Ann, as she says she now fears for her life.

Nikki, who is also the proprietor of the Chrome White skin-bleaching line, said that she was first introduced to the loom through a friend. However, she eventually received a business call from 'Mr Blessing Loom' to promote a loom service.

"He started blabbering about how much he could pay me per month and even towards my shop rent if I could share it with him to use as his drop- off location, which sounded OK," she said in an Instagram story.

Loom, also known as the 'Blessing Plan', has been permeating social media in recent months, inviting the public to invest as little as $5,000 to reap up to 300 per cent on their investment within one week. Participants are required to invite two or more people "to keep the loom going."

Nikki explained that things were going well until she started to receive complaints from concerned participants who wanted to get refunds after hearing about the dangers of the loom. While she continued to promote the service, she said that she drew the line when irate participants appeared at her store.


Senseless to kill her


"Me call back Mr Blessing Loom very angry and tell him me nah promote no more cause a bare foolishness a gwaan and bare disrespect towards me and my workers, which me can't tek inna me life right now, so please refund back every cent," she said.

She explained that he refunded some members, and has since disappeared, leaving her responsible for repaying the others.

"I used my money and paid back a very large amount to save my brand until I could no longer," she said. "Everybody will get back them money or even half, until now and five months time or less."

A GoFundMe account asking the public for help was posted on her Instagram page, but has since been deleted. The personality said that participants can also get her skin bleaching products as a means of compensation. In another post, she told investors that it would be senseless to kill her as that would not return their investment.

When THE STAR contacted the police's Corporate Communications Unit, they said that they did not receive any report of threats being made on Nikki's life.

In October, communications and international relations manager at the Financial Services Commission, David Geddes, told The Gleaner that the loom is problematic.

"At the beginning, you will find that everybody is happy, and everybody is touting the greatness of this plan. But the problem is that as it matures, it reaches a level that it cannot be sustained anymore because there are just no more persons to come in," he said.

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