Noise Abatement Act killing entertainment industry - Crawford

December 21, 2018
'Father' Wee Pow (left) and Senator Damion Crawford at the Stone Love anniversary launch event on Wednesday, at Stone Love headquarters on Burlington Avenue.
Joe Bogdanovich (left), Downsound Entertainment's CEO chills with Stone Love's CEO Wee Pow.
Rumfire hostesses, Ossy (left) and Jada Plunkett pose for the camera.
Popular Stone Love selector Geefuss (centre) is sandwiched by his female guests.

Opposition Senator Damion Crawford believes that the Government should review the Noise Abatement Act as this would greatly improve the local entertainment industry's viability and sustainability.

"I think the Noise Abatement Act is killing the industry, and the cut-off times should be removed. What should be done is to place these events in entertainment zones," Crawford told THE WEEKEND STAR during the official launch party for the Stone Love Anniversary event on Burlington Avenue on Wednesday.

Entertainment events should end at midnight on weekdays and 2 a.m. on weekends.

However, promoters have argued that the time constraints are posing a problem to their survival as factors such as late arrival of patrons and competition from other parties exist.

Crawford also suggests that the powers that be implement an 'Entertainment Walk of Fame' similar to what is done in Hollywood for movie stars.

Crawford believes that Kingston is the Mecca of entertainment in Jamaica as the capitol boasts the Bob Marley Museum; Trench Town, the home of Marley and other great musicians; and Burlington Avenue, the headquarters of Stone Love, one of Jamaica's biggest and most successful sound systems.

"Stone Love played an instrumental role in establishing many of our most iconic artistes and defining what is dancehall and how it operates," said Crawford.

Stone Love is celebrating 46 years as a sound system. Wee Pow, the CEO of Stone Love, said that the team is proud of its accomplishments.

"My journey with Stone Love has not been an easy road - you can say from nothing to something. We have been through a number of changes throughout the years to keep us current like keeping abreast with modern technology and listening to our fans and well-wishers, and it has been a successful and rewarding experience thus far."

Stone Love is renowned for its exclusive dubplates, which have included from many of the artistes who it helped to establish, including Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, Johnny Osbourne, Shabba Ranks, Sanchez, and Beenie Man.

Stone Love Anniversary will be on Saturday December 29, at Sabina Park in Kingston.

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