Fashion Night Out was worth the wait

January 07, 2019
Trudy Upsetter (left) with Nico of Big League were all smiles.
Kelly Upsetter turned heads in this gown that was designed by Kayture Stylings.
Queen British impresses in her outfit.
Cav Caution (left) and Marva Caution pose for the camera.
Jonierica was elegant in her white set.

After being pushed back by two months, it seems as if Fashion Night Out was worth the wait. The party, which is the annual birthday celebration for Portmore promoter Kelly Upsetter, was held on December 28 and was well attended by fashionistas and 'flossers', who flocked the Royal View Entertainment Centre on Port Henderson Road, Portmore.

"The date changed and still you guys came out to show your support. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much for supporting me over the years, rain or shine. Everyone deserves credit, and indeed, some form of recognition. Fashion Night Out was an absolute success. So to everybody who came out, and even[ those]who couldn't make it, thank you so much," Kelly Upsetter said.

In addition to the fashion and high energy, patrons got treated to their fair share of music from the likes of Hotta Rice, Milo, Boom Boom and Harry Hype and Portmore's very own Bumpy Cash. Here are the highlights from the event.

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