Chekkazz boat ride 'Clean To Mi Step'

January 16, 2019
Nash, fashion designer and CEO Of Nash Wear, sports one of her beautiful creations.
Nikki Hype of Canada strikes a seductive pose.
Nelly Dime is tall and sexy.
Gappi steps out in a black dress.
Young Blood Chekkazz shows off his fashion sense at Clean to Mi Step.
Dancer Desha Raverz (centre) hangs with selectors Foota Hype (left) and DJ Hotta Rice.


Recently, some members of the Chekkazz dance group hosted their ninth boat ride, 'Clean To Mi Step', on the deck the Caribbean Queen moored in downtown Kingston.

"We are the same Chekkazz, we are still here strong, we just changed the ball game," said Young Blood, one of the promoters.

Instead of chereographing a new routine, they are busy planning ways to execute a party that promotes high fashion, hype, and the whole dancehall atmosphere.

The women came out polished and fashionably impressive.

Here are highlights from the event.

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