Militant Bushman stands ground at Rebel Salute

January 20, 2019

A militant Bushman on Sunday morning pushed back at the stage managers at Rebel Salute who attempted to cut short his performance at the two-day reggae festival held in Priory, St Ann.

Insisting that he was going to perform for the 25 minutes allotted, Bushman's stance led to Jah Cure delivering an abbreviated set, and the Kenyatta Hill, the designated show closer, failing to get in a word. 

The Lighthouse singer, who touched the stage about two hours later than the 7 a.m. slot for which he was booked — because the show was running late — said it would be unfair to him and fans if he merely delivered a cameo performance.

"Rebel Salute deserves to be at least a three-day festival," Bushman said.

"The artiste dem naah get enough time," Bushman said, after Jah Cure touched the stage, eager to get a piece of the action.

When Bushman handed over to him, Jah Cure asked event organiser Tony Rebel to, "Jus fix it because internally, the artistes know weh we a feel".

Jah Cure performed for five minutes before Bushman returned and insisted to complete his sit. Jah Cure was booked for perform for 25 minutes.

Kenyatta Hill, the designated show closer, did not get in a word. Despite being introduced by emcee Ron Muschette, and endorsed by Jah Cure, who played up his credentials as being the son of Joseph 'Culture' Hill, Bushman decided to pick up where he left off.

"Me tired fi come pon stage and people a push me around ... Me affi sing my music and me naah hitch," he said before bursting into his long-time hit, Downtown.

"Don't step pon me integrity," said the militant St Thomas artiste who spent 22 minutes on the stage, five of which were used by Jah Cure to deliver his set.


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