Bluugo to change name - Says time has come for rebranding

February 15, 2019

The 2018 Magnum King of Dancehall, Bluugo, says the time has come for him to repurpose his image and start afresh in the music business.

But with his name being too close to another local artiste, the entertainer says he wants to rebrand, starting with a name change.

“The name is kinda a tongue-twister and people always a mix me up with the other artiste. Two a we name sound close, and so many times dem call me his name and make the mistake. When me do good stuff and people a tell other people bout it, a lot a times a di wrong artiste name dem a call. It a happen over and over since me come into the music space professionally, and with my plans for my career, I think it’s time,” he said.

Bluugo says he hasn’t decided what his new moniker will be, but says he and his team are toying with a few names at the moment.

“Mi image a go change in some ways, but not entirely. I will have a set type of dress code, but me a go add a bit more flair to the current look,” he said. “And, as far as the music goes, I will still be doing hardcore dancehall music; but me a eye the international market, so me a go do all kinds of music.”

The entertainer says breaking into the international market has always been one of his main focuses, and says the name change could help him launch his career outside of Jamaica.

“Most of my mentors and bigger artistes inna di business weh see me perform and hear me voice, always say me have that international appeal. Mi still a go do the raunchy, hardcore stuff, but me a go change up me writing pattern every now and then and add some things,” he said.

Currently, the artiste is promoting a song titled Tenz Dem Out, a ‘counteraction’ of sorts to the ‘Six’ movement spearheaded by MoBay artiste Squash and his crew.

“The music kinda a take a change because everything kinda get territorial, and is like the town people dem nah really own dem self right now, and me just feel like say we as artistes from dis side (Kingston) supposed to have something weh we can hold on to. Di man dem from dung so (Montego Bay) a seh six, so we a go say 10, because 10 is a perfect score. The number 10 nuh have nothing negative to it.”

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