Don Vital salutes ghetto heroes

February 15, 2019
Don Vital
Don Vital

Dancehall artiste Don Vital pays homage to a few local and international heroes with his new track, 'Ghetto Hero'.

The track was jointly produced by West Click Recordz and his own label, Official Clique Musiq.

Ghetto Hero was intentionally released on reggae legend Bob Marley's birthday to acknowledge both the iconic singer and Black History Month.

"Dancehall has got overpopulated, so I decided to make a change with this song. I listed people like Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey to highlight their works," the artiste explained.

Starting the track with an excerpt of a Martin Luther King Jr speech, the artiste highlights the need for more people like Jamaica's national heroes, as well as other historical black figures, to defend youths in the ghetto against issues that hinder their progress daily.

So far, the track has been receiving great feedback and is slowly gaining traction.

The accompanying music video is also in the works and can be expected soon. The artiste aims to impact not only his fans, but other artistes, with the content of this song, aiming to use his platform to be a 'ghetto hero' himself.

"I am also encouraging the artistes to stand up and be the change, be a hero. We need someone to be a hero for the young people in order to build a better future," he said.

He has been working on a track titledJourney, which is to be released soon, as well as a few others that cater to the females. He is also expecting to release a brand-new EP later this year.

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