Spice boycotts Gucci

February 18, 2019
A model wears a creation as part of the Gucci women’s Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection, presented during Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. Gucci, which designed this face warmer reminiscent of blackface, received instant backlash from the public and was forced to apologise publicly earlier this month.

Dancehall entertainer Spice says that she will be boycotting luxury brand Gucci. Recently, a number of luxury brands have been caught up in the blackface controversy that has seen international celebrities, including rappers T.I., Soulja Boy and 50 Cent, as well as popular film director Spike Lee, calling for a boycott of the international fashion house.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Spice shared an image sporting a pair of Gucci boots and bag, stating in the caption, “These boots are US$2,800, and the bag US$2,800 that’s a total of US$5,600. Here in Jamaica that’s $728,000 and trust mi this can buy a car (fi run taxi).”

She says that black people spend hefty sums of money on various designers, and the ‘blackface’ sweater was like the brand “spat in our faces”. She says her boycott is part of her resolution for this year. Comparing the blackface sweater to the H&M monkey sweatshirt that featured a boy of African descent, she says that after a while, the same persons who put their feet down go back to shopping for the same brands.

“All persons need to do is start supporting black-owned businesses,” theBlack Hypocrisy singer shared. Today she hosts a seminar at the University of Technology in celebration of Black History Month. It’s titled ‘Let’s Talk The Black Hypocrisy Movement’.

“I decided to do this because it’s something that is well-needed. Colourism has been swept under the rug for a while now, and as a black woman myself, I been through a lot, and I know there are other black women dealing with criticism from their own kind,” Spice told THE STAR.

She says it is a move in the direction to put a stop to colourism and bring awareness to the topic. The dancehall deejay has opened the forum to the public to share their views on black hypocrisy and matters around the issue so that other voices can be heard.

Her main focus is to empower women, but both genders are welcome to attend. “Too often we see black women bashing each other and degrading each other, and the initiative is about black women empowering each other,” she said. “I don’t want to be the only speaker, I am inviting everyone to sit and talk, but I want females to leave the forum feeling empowered so they can know that not because you have a dark complexion, you are restricted, but that you can make it.”


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