Chozenn puts drama behind him - Artiste releases track featuring Glacia Robinson

February 19, 2019
Glacia Robinson

Gospel artiste Chozenn is hoping to put all the drama that surrounded his ministry last year behind him. The entertainer, who had put a spiritual spin on several secular songs last year, including the raunchy ‘Bawl Out’ track, says that although the approach he had taken at the time was a move by God, he believes he is being taken into a different direction this year.

“What I can say is that it’s a new season for me. It’s a season of spiritual maturity, a season of love, a season of forgiveness,’” he said.

Chozenn, who faced some backlash from members of the gospel fraternity following hisBawl Out Remix, toldTHE STAR that things are beginning to normalise in his life.


For the first time in more than a year, the entertainer has an interview with gospel radio station LOVE 101 FM. Last year, the station refused to play the artiste’sBawl Out Remix. Pointing out that he was never ‘banned’, Chozenn explained that he had been offered interviews with the station before now, but declined.

“In all fairness to LOVE 101, most of my well-known song were being played. In fact, since theBawl Out release, they’ve played more of my older songs on all their programmes, and I am grateful for that. It was just that with everything that happened with theBawl Out song, they were playing it safe,” he said. “And to be fair to the station, they had invited me, but I was at a quiet, spiritual place. Now, I’m at a place where I feel a calm spirit, and I am expecting a mighty move of God.”

The entertainer is hoping that his new track,Agape Love, which features gospel sensation Glacia Robinson, will be the beginning of that mighty move.

“This new song is something I’m super excited about. It’s a project where my worship ascended to God, and he descended angels for me. The Lord blessed me with an angel on this track. Her name is Glacia Robinson. A song with her is like major goals for me,” he said. “I grew up listening to this woman. I loved her so much. I respect her so much, and the mere fact she’s on a track with me, that’s just God blowing my mind and saying: ‘Hey, my son, I love you’.”

Chozenn said that he has no expectations for the song. He only hopes it blesses the hearts of whoever listens to it.





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