New production team releases first rhythm

February 21, 2019

Seanizzle Records and S-Lock Entertainment have pooled their resources in an official merger.

A long time in the making, the two made the team-up officially at the start of the year, but the process started back in August 2018.

"We shared several visions, and based on several conversations, we were aiming in the same direction. So after a decade of friendship, we decided to go ahead with the merger," Seanizzle explained.

One of the first orders of business is the release of the brand new project, titled Lonely Road Rhythm.

Slated to be released later this month, the project features contributions from acts such as Bugle, Alexx A-Game, and ZJ Liquid. Music legend Dean Fraser also lends his melodious saxophone sounds to the project.

Two new artistes, Topmann and Nadg, who were the first to be signed under the new management, also complete the list of featured artistes on the rhythm.

Speaking on his track, Topmann described it as "an encouraging and reflective track that highlights the struggles people face every day."

The impressive rhythm proves to be a great listening experience that is relatable and is grounded deeply with powerful and potent messages.

This is just the beginning for the power team, as they promise a host of projects to be released throughout 2019.

They started the year by releasing a track titled Celebrate, performed by dancehall newcomer Chronic Law.

Also, two big names in dancehall, Busy Signal and Bounty Killer, collaborated on a 'militant', uptempo track titled Nuh Weh Nuh Safe. This track was released in January.

The Lonely Road Rhythm will officially be released on Friday and will be available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms online.

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