Sea B highlights Black History Month in new song

February 21, 2019

Reggae singer Sea B is marking Black History Month with the release of his latest single, A Vibe A Gwaan.

The single, which was released on the High Over Babylon label, is also available on all major digital platforms.

Sea B said that he is using the single to highlight the significance of Black History Month and the prevailing fight for human rights and justice across the globe.

"The song takes Jamaicans on an historical journey from the days of captivity to the days of freedom," he said.

The single, which is a collaborative effort between Sea B and Ronnie Moses, continues to receive major support and traction from local radio stations, and a video for the project has been added to rotation on cable and television stations across the island.

Sea B believes that the hard work and dedication to his music is now paying off, as the music is beginning to attract a global audience.

"We've been pushing the single and the people love it," he said.

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