Ganggoolie shocked by response to ‘Mackerel’ song

March 14, 2019
Social media sensation Mackerel.

Dancehall artiste Ganggoolie is known for penning songs about situations that have gone viral on social media. Over the past few years, he has made headlines with tracks about Neymar’s on-field antics at the last FIFA World Cup, Spice’s ‘Black Hypocrisy’ discussions, and even the infamous ‘Ochi Embassy’ voice notes.

So, it came as no surprise when the artiste released a track about new viral sensation, Mackerel.

However, what may come as a shock is the fact that the artiste was not keen on voicing a song about social media’s latest ‘queen’. The artiste told THE STAR that having reached a point in his career where he was focused on doing more, he was not going to touch the ‘Mackerel’ situation.

“Last week Thursday me deh a Day Rave and DJ Kenny a cuss me say how him nuh see me do nuh song bout Mackerel, because me a di king fi dat (turning social media hot topics into songs). Him say a me make dancehall nice dem type a way deh, and me did a tell him say me a focus pan some different type a thing,” Ganggoolie said.

“A nuh just him alone, either; a whole heap a people pressure me and say me must sing bout Mackerel because she a lock down the entire place and a song would bring a more authentic thing to fi her thing. Me a di viral king, a me sing bout di viral things.”

Ganggoolie said that with Mackerel’s growing popularity on social media and his witty lyrics, the song started gaining traction within the first few hours of release.

“Me go home and consider it, and Friday night into Saturday night me voice it and send it out to a few people on me WhatsApp. By Saturday evening into Sunday, me just see it a blow up. Me myself even shock, yuh know,” he said.

“It seems like everything happen for a wise purpose, because da song yah, is like it a go be one a di biggest songs me a sing since me start do da social commentary thing here.”

The artiste explained that while singing about viral situations has always created a buzz for him over the years, recently he has been thinking about broadening his horizons as an entertainer.

“Viral thing always work and it can’t flop, but me did a think along the lines of not caging myself into one box,” he said. “As an entertainer, me haffi sing all type a song so that’s if me go Europe, me can sing fi da audience deh; and if me go ghetto, me can sing fi dem; if me go corporate, me can sing fi dem, too and if me go uptown against di stush type a people dem, me can sing fi dem, too.”

With that said, the entertainer is currently promoting songs such as No Man Lap, Action Show and Lingerie.

He believes that now that he’s taking his career to the next level, Jamaicans will start paying him even more attention.




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