Nadg releases first official track

March 15, 2019

Dancehall newcomer Nadg has released his first official track as a signed artiste, ' Can't Stop Me Now'.

Released on February 22, the track is featured on the Seanizzle Records and S-Lock Entertainment-produced 'Lonely Road' rhythm.

Can't Stop Me Now is a positively charged song that shows that Nadg is indeed a force to be reckoned with and that he is destined for greatness regardless of whatever obstacles he might face.

"There are people who don't want to see upliftment or see others progress, so I got the motivation to write a song that targets people who don't have good intentions," the artiste explained.

Recently signed to the newly merged Seanizzle Records/ S-Lock Entertainment label, the artiste has hit the ground running and has already been featured on a few rhythms such as '47th Floor' and 'Motivation'. With an official label backing his career, he is confident that he will see long-term results.

"I see myself moving forward in my career. I'm really looking out for that big break that I've wanted to see for so long," he said. The dancehall artiste, who sings and deejays, has used the positive and negative situations in life as inspiration for his music.

To date, he has released tracks such as Bad Suh, Chatty Mouth, Never Switch and Buss Inna Mi Head.

The artiste is keeping busy with upcoming projects, starting with a new EP that is in the works.

He is also expected to be featured on a few upcoming shows. In the meantime, he's building momentum with his music and is catering to his rapidly growing fan base.

"I'm just trying to be different at all times with my music. It's always going to be something that people can relate to, so I'm taking risks and ignoring doubt," he said.

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