Strictly 2K heads to Mandeville

March 20, 2019
Patrons groove to the music at Strictly 2K last May at Mas Camp.

After fêting many partygoers in the Corporate Area with musical nostalgia for the past two years, the organisers of Strictly 2K – Best of the 2000s have decided to take their event on the road. The first stop will be in Mandeville on March 30.

No one can deny that Strictly 2K is one of the hottest events on the calendar, and since its inception in December 2016, it has garnered fans across the island.

Communications director for the event IB Konteh believes that this is down to the authenticity of the product.

“We have worked on this for a while, and we believe that though not perfect, we have a product that people love and want to experience,” Konteh said. “We have been all over and listened to persons talk about it. Even on social media, people in other parishes will message in to ask when we were gonna come there. We decided 2019 was the year.”

Slated for the NCB parking lot in Mandeville, the event promises to have the same authenticity as its home in Kingston.

The musical line-up features DJ Kurt Riley, Niney Badness, ZJ Ice, and the event’s very own organiser ZJ Chrome.

Chrome, who is a renowned DJ and producer, hails from Clarendon and spent plenty of time in Mandeville while attending The Northern Caribbean University.

He believes that the nightlife landscape in Mandeville will appreciate an event like Strictly 2K.

“Just like when we started in Kingston, there weren’t many events like this. Sure, there were ’90s parties, but Strictly 2K, as the name suggests, was all about music of the early 2000s. There was none like it,” Chrome said. “My friends in Mandeville, Clarendon, and St Elizabeth will definitely love this event.”

The Mandeville edition will see the party’s jersey theme come to life again. The organisers are confident that the event can be a staple on the south coast.






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