DeCapri promoting new songs

March 21, 2019

Dancehall artiste DeCapri is currently on the island promoting his two new songs So Me Roll and Pon It.

Released just in time for spring break, both tracks have been receiving favourable response in Miami, where he is based, and he’s also looking to heat things up in Jamaica.

“I am very happy with the feedback that I have been getting so far, and, while I’m here, I just want the song to reach as many listening ears as possible,” said DeCapri.

So Me Roll depicts the lifestyle of the artiste, while Pon It is a raw dancehall track that is made especially for the women to enjoy.

Both tracks were produced by DeCapri and another producer named Lion.


“I’d like to categorise my style of music as hardcore dancehall and I’m always real and I just tell it how it is; I think that is why so many people find my music relateable,” he said.

The artiste has followed up with the stunning visual for So Me Roll, that was shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“The making of the video was fairly easy seeing that the concept that I had was for it to be as authentic as possible, as it would be showing my life on a daily basis, in one shoot,” he said.

DeCapri has released a myriad of songs to his ever- growing fan base to include My Time, Journey, and Go Getter.

“My music stands out because of the authenticity within it, the flow and the whole vibe that the songs bring,” said DeCapri. “I have a host of new music and shows coming up, for as you know, the work never ends.”

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