Def Shade upbeat about new EP

March 25, 2019
Def Shade
Def Shade

Dancehall artiste Def Shade is currently promoting his latest EP, called Perception.

The EP, which is produced by Shakwave Records, comprises of 13 tracks that are mostly directed towards his female fans.

"A lot of work was put into this EP, and it took me a little while to choose the selected tracks, as I had recorded a lot of songs. Each song tells a different story, and there is a track for everyone," he said.

Some of the tracks on the project are Yuh Body Good, Pedicure, Nuffi Breed and Give You Ten.

"I really have high expectations for the single called Nuffi Breed. It is about these women that refuse to use contraceptive and get pregnant and cannot afford to take care of the children. The lyrics are not only catchy, but the topic is a very serious one. Too often, we see children suffering because their parents cannot afford to take care of them," he said.

Def Shade, whose given name is Dennis Ewart, has been in the music business for several years and has released other tracks, such as Mama, Suh It Go and Kotch It Off.

He told THE STAR that his music is well accepted in Canada where he currently calls home. However, he said that he is putting in the work to become a household name in Jamaica and the region.

"My aim is to captivate the minds of the people through the message I am bringing forth in my music. I want my songs to be fresh in the minds of the listeners years from now, so the aim is always to make timeless music," he said.

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