Frezi is ‘Hustling’ to the top

March 25, 2019

Jamaican artiste Dane Baker, who goes by the stage name 'Frezi', believes that he was born with a musical gift.

He said that he mastered playing the guitar at four years old and learnt to play other instruments while in primary school. Like most Jamaican musicians, his upbringing in the church gave him a weekly stage to hone his skills.

Frezi was privileged to get the opportunity to work with established reggae artistes before he was an adult, having done projects with the likes of Pat Golden, Pam Hall and Seretse Small. Interestingly, it was while exploring the production end of the business that Frezi realised that he could become an artiste.

"My first recording was in 2015. I'm a musician, so I always wanted to make the transition to an artiste. I did a song, titled Fight For The Youths," Frezi told THE STAR.

These days, Frezi is pursuing different kinds of content.

"Presently, I'm promoting an uplifting song called Hustling, and I can't wait for the video to shot so my fans can see it," he said, noting that the song is available for download on all major digital platforms.

"I don't put any limitations on my music, as I'm willing to do various genres to fit the occasion. I'm a versatile artiste, as I have done a crossover song, titled Cozy. I have more of those type of songs as they are good for the International market."

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