YM Entertainment flowing beyond MoBay

April 02, 2019
Members of YM Entertainment

Montego Bay-based group YM Entertain–ment is on a high in 2019, following years of solidifying themselves as one of the main sources for various forms of entertainment out west.

YM’s principal, Chevon Green, told WESTERN STAR that his enterprise started in the community of Flanker.

He said, “We are from here, this is where we originated. Only our two newest members are not from here. The sound system aspect has been in operation for the past six years. All our DJs are experienced DJs.”

Another aspect of the entertainment label is events promotions.

Green said, “We are officially registered as an entertainment company. We host three major events; Get Loose, that’s on Easter Sunday; Buckets Pool Party in June; and our premium event, Scorpio, in November.”

YM Entertainment boasts that they are the toast of the western city and have been steadily gaining traction islandwide.

“We are technically on every major event in MoBay. By the fans’ voice, we are number one in the city. When they book us [it] is definitely, ‘shellings’, electrifying excitement; and we have a large social media following”, Green told THE STAR.


YM Entertainment offers a range of services, including hostesses, bottle services, music videos, and photo shoots.

Their sound team includes the likes of DJ Flarco, DJ Sean, African and TC.

Green said, “Our tag line is ‘revolution of entertainment’. We are definitely coming to revolutionise the entertainment world in Jamaica and beyond.

In recent weeks, YM Entertainment has been featured twice on Television Jamaica’s ‘weekend smile’ morning show.

The sound crew also played at cricket star Marlon Samuels’ birthday party in February.

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