Corporate Area chill spots to deliver carnival experience

April 26, 2019
A reveller enjoys herself during Carnival Road March last year.
A reveller enjoys herself during Carnival Road March last year.

Two of the Corporate Area's top chill spots, Truck Stop Grill and Bar and JoJo's Jerk Pit, are getting ready to give patrons a full-fledged feteing experience.

With a number of top deejays booked to provide entertainment from as early as 10 a.m. and bucket deals to take advantage of all day, patrons who decide to visit these stops are in for a treat.

"We will be having two events on the same venue for the day. At the front, we are going to be having the watering hole. You can come in, hang out there, buy drinks, food, listen to the music from the Smirnoff truck, and just hol' a vibe," JoJo's' Anna Chin said.

JoJo's is located at Waterloo Road in Kingston. All three carnival bands are set to past the venue on Road March Sunday.

"We will have a Smirnoff truck right at the intersection so we will be controlling that area. Inside we will have another truck playing music as well. We will be selling deals on Smirnoff Ice and regular and we're gonna have carnival food like doubles and roti from Trinidad, and, of course, our jerk pork and chicken," she said.

"Then inside where we have the normal dining area for JoJo's, we're going to have our soca lyme, where DJ Squeeze and several other deejays will be playing. There though, it's a $1,000 to come in and that party goes from 10 to midnight. Revellers in costumes will come in free. The watering hole cuts off at 5 p.m. and that is also free admission."

Chin said JoJo's attracts a huge crowd each year as persons want to get caught up in the feteing fever without the hassle of the march.


"People like the vibe of carnival, but some don't necessarily want the hassle of the road. When you come to JoJo's, you sit, you relax, you get the vibe, you get the hype, you hear the music and you see all that's happening when the people are passing, but you don't necessarily have to be on the road. It's a great place for people to come out and vibe every year."

Omar Stop, a principal of Truck Stop, said the hotspot is the perfect place for patrons who want to party all day in a relaxed atmosphere.

"Our party starts from about 11 a.m. and continues until midnight. It's called Carnival One at Truck Stop, and we will be catering to every age group. We will have an open kitchen, providing a full menu so everything from lobster to fish to shrimp will be available on the day."

"We are the only persons on the day that will have a full menu, that alone brings out patrons every year. We will also be having Appleton specials," he said.

"Another thing that gets people coming out every year is the fact that we have the largest controlled viewing area. Persons love our fence line as they have a bird's eye view of the parade. They always feel so close to the excitement when the parade comes around because they're eye level with the trucks and all that's happening on the road," he added.

Among the DJs set to entertain at the venue are Dream Team from Trinidad, Nocturnal from Florida, Jazzy T from Renaissance, and Supa Hype.

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