Alapap shares his ‘Pain’

June 11, 2019

Multifaceted dancehall artiste Alapap has already been making an impact with his recent single, 'Pain', that was produced by Toronto-based label Flo 1 Musiq.

The young artiste gets very personal when writing Pain that was released a few weeks ago.

"My song Pain came from a personal experience, but I also use issues in my surroundings as inspiration for my music. I will allow fans to draw their own interpretation from the song by listening to the words, as well as watching the video. I played around with words in order to express my mental pain without being too literal," Alapap said.

Alapap is hoping to increase his visibility in dancehall with a different sound and style. He is hoping that 2019 will bring him collaborations which will help his desire to become a household name locally and internationally.

"I can do various types of music. I do dancehall for the appropriate audience, and I also do reggae for the appropriate audience as well. I can maintain a balance. With the release of Pain and other projects, I hope to see a few collaborations soon and get the buzz going so the career can also grow," said Alapap, who has other songs like Steel and Gimme A Bly.

Now signed to Flo1 Musiq, Alapap is excited for the opportunity to get his music out to his fans.

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