Sizzla, Lybran support mental health awareness event

June 12, 2019

Organisers of the Hands & Hands event, Careleen and Karl Coates, are aiming to make a change to how mental health is perceived by Jamaicans.

The inaugural staging of Hands & Hands will be on July 22, at the Bounty Hall Community Centre in Trelawny.

"Jamaicans need to be way more aware of mental health and learn that it shouldn't define an individual because they didn't choose to be that way; it's a chemical imbalance. I personally hate the word 'mad' and how it is used to describe people," expressed Carleen.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of mental health issues and to encourage people to seek assistance without hesitation. Artistes Sizzla and Lybran have come on board officially as ambassadors for the event to help with the cause.

Trying my best

"You know I am always trying my best to help my Jamaican people. So many times you see people on the streets, they have nowhere to go, nuff a dem just mental issues and if given the help can come right back on track," said Sizzla.

Lybran was very elated to be enlisted as an ambassador for the venture.

"When I was initially approached about coming on board, I said to myself this is definitely something that I want to be part of because enough is not done when it comes on to mental health in Jamaica," he said.

In addition to raising the awareness of mental health issues, the organisers will be making donations to the needy.

Attendees can expect a plethora of services, including screenings, blood pressure checks, and depression scans. They will also be on site for referrals and to answer more detailed questions.

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