Vershon highlights struggles in ‘Reply’

June 20, 2019

Known for singles like 'Inna Real Life' and 'Mercy of God', dancehall artiste Vershon again hopes to make an impact on the industry with a new song.

The artiste's latest single, Reply, that was produced by Real Queffa Records/BWill Productions, speaks about one's relationship with God in the quest to overcome the struggles of life.

"The song is about my struggle with faith and overcoming my breaking point and knowing God always has me covered. The song is for every person out there who's about to give up to know there is hope," he said.

And even as he promotes Reply, Vershon said that he is ready to take his career to the next level.

"I'm ready with this new single to do the work I know I'm capable of. People always reach out to me, and I feel now is the time for Vershon again," he said.

Vershon is expected to fulfil his booking obligations while he continues to work on new material ahead of the busy summer period. There are no immediate plans for an album or EP; however, the artiste is busy working on his sound and craft.

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