Ding Dong ties the knot

June 24, 2019
Ding Dong
Ding Dong

Ravers Clavers principal Ding Dong tied the knot with long-time partner, Tashauna, on the weekend. Guests of the all-white soiree have been sharing the experience in a myriad of videos and photos, sending well-wishes to the couple, now Mr and Mrs Ottey.

Among guests were American rapper Safaree who posted a photo with the newly weds captioned: "Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Ottey ... The energy of love is so strong around them you could feel it! Thank you for inviting me so I could steal ideas for my wedding, wouldn't miss it for the world."

Though his fiance Erica Mena was not spotted in his posts, Safaree still enjoyed the occasion, dancing up a storm with Ravers Clavers' members, and even participating in a 'man versus woman' challenge to Ding Dong's Cha Cha.

Business partner Romeich Major was all smiles in his posts, as he questioned when he will take the plunge.

"Congrats bro bro, wonder when a my time. All the best and happiness, thanks for making me your #BESTMAN," he said.

Wonderful day

DJ Bambino, who kept attendees on their feet, also sent his congratulations, adding "It was great being a part of your wonderful day."

Celebrities are not the only ones commenting on the marriage, as fans have also been sending their well-wishes on related posts and Ding Dong's Instagram page.

"Congrats king to you and your black queen, many blessings to you both," Marisha Murphey said.

Echoing sentiments about Tashauna's beauty was Kimmy Van who said: "I'm happy about the woman he chose to get married to ... Melanin beauty.."

Tashalisous followed with: "It's nice to see young successful artistes who can still do good by black women, congratulations to them."

Others like Wendy-Ann Grabbesha and Mizfel encouraged the pair to keep God at the centre of their union.

Ding Dong's surprise wedding follows that of Konshens' who got hitched to his partner Latoya Wright in Florida in 2017.