Pranksters apologise for ‘threatening’ Squash

June 24, 2019

A group of young men who used social media to issue death threats to Squash have recanted. The men - three of them - said their earlier message posted on Instagram was in jest.

"Yow, Squash, weh yuh deh pon? We deh yah man, yaa we general same way. We a di youth dem weh did put up di video. We nuh mean nutten, we general, yuh zimmi. Fi yuh songs a dem we listen to every day, every time, every minute. A just one likkle funny video we mek dawg and me send it to one a me nigga and him post it," one of the men in the video said.

The apology video was posted by the Trending artiste on his Instagram story yesterday, where the mastermind, hiding under bed covers, opened up about the disturbing video.

The post came less than an hour after a video surfaced on Facebook with three masked men, claiming Squash pirated the '6ix' slang and said the deejay's days were limited.

"A rifleman buss roun yah so, enuh. Aye bwoy, weh a call yourself 6ix, a we a di real 6ix, a we run G-City. Man a go come murder yuh, enuh dawg," one of the men said before pointing to another man who suggested he was armed.

"Aye bwoy, Squash yuh teeth pon nail, enuh, and yaa gwaan like yuh nuh remember man. Yuh fi a pay millions of dollars to we and stop gwaan like yuh hype. Man a give yuh likkle time fi wipe yuh out."

Squash seemed unbothered by the video, as he then posted a photo with his son, stating: "See who me pay mind to yah, my little ones. So all a who a look attention from ova yah so, unno nah go get none. So when some a unno opportunist a call call up me name, me nah look pah unno, after unno a nuh me kids or me gal dem."

Squash, the frontman of the '6ix', is slated to close Festival Night One at Reggae Sumfest on July 19, alongside other rural artistes.