Nessa B gets buzz with ‘Talk Up’

June 25, 2019
Nessa B
Nessa B

Dancehall artiste Nessa B is generating a big buzz in the streets with her hard-hitting single, Talk Up.

"The song is already on a number of mixtapes. The song itself got a big forward at Boom Sundays, and we just shot the video for it, and it will be released soon. People love it because is a mix-up and throw word song, but mi nah call no name," Nessa B said.

The song will be released in August 2019 on the Kingston City Music Group label on the 'Di Gyal Dem' Rhythm that was produced by Pablo Grant. The rhythm features other artistes such as Macka Diamond, Danielle DI, Iceberg and Vanzo.

Nessa B, whose given name is Vennissa Marriott, was born on September 1, 1986. She grew up in Balmagie Avenue in Waterhouse, before moving to Portmore, St Catherine. She attended Norman Manley High between 1999 and 2003, where she honed her skills deejaying against the boys.

After leaving Norman Manley High, she completed her secondary education at The Queen's School.

Last year, she got her break on the single Mi Nuh Play (D Dot Records label) and Bad Gal Saga (K Natural Entertainment Records label).