G Maffiah optimistic about new mixtape

July 18, 2019
G Maffiah
G Maffiah

After gaining much traction from his single, We Dem Like, recording artiste G Maffiah has released a follow-up mixtape in a bid to keep the momentum going.

The project, which is also called We Dem Like, was mixed by DJ Deala and is free for download and to stream online.

"My supporters can get this mixtape on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and on We Going In's website. It was released by my label, G-konneck Records, in conjunction with We Going In Records on July 11. It's a project that is very close to my heart because this is me giving back to my fans after years of support. And based on the feedback thus far, I know they are enjoying it," said G Maffiah.

Describing this mixtape as a 'hits tape', G Maffiah included popular songs like Lippy Lippy, Suh We Live, Lifestyle and We Dem Like.

In addition to releasing this mixtape, G Maffiah has a series of new music videos that he plans to premiere in Jamaica and the United Kingdom. These videos, he said, should help to promote the project.

While promoting his mixtape, G Maffiah is also getting favourable responses from his fans from his Epik Jones-produced track Happy.

"This song gives prime examples of the things we want to achieve and the places we want to go as youths who grew up less fortunate than others. We all need to strive for success, and this song serves as a means of motivation for the generations after me," said G Maffiah.

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