‘McKada, yu win!’ - St Catherine-singer fancies her chances with Love Jamaica

July 19, 2019
Kenyon Hemans
Meckedah Henry, aka ‘McKada’.
Kenyon Hemans Meckedah Henry, aka ‘McKada’.

Festival song finalist McKada is ecstatic about the response to her song, Love Jamaica, in this year's Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's Festival Song finals.

"The audiences love it. My song is about loving Jamaica. I believe that Jamaicans have a lot of love to give and that if we as Jamaicans just show love all the time, regardless if the other person is showing love, then love will win over. We are a loving set of people. We should just radiate that love, and then that can develop into a beautiful thing," said the artiste, whose given name is Meckedah Henry.

She fancies her chances to walk away with the top prize this year.

"I feel like I win already because of my own growth and development. It's just for the judges to call my name and say, 'McKada, yu win!'," the ecstatic singer said.

McKada grew up in Linstead and parts of Spanish Town in St Catherine. She attended Jericho Primary and later, St Catherine High School, where she was the captain of the debating team, a member of the choir, and where she participated in the performing arts.

When she left high school, she did background vocals for various artistes and studied mass communication and human resources at the Management Institute for National Development.

"I always did music on the side, though, and became a member of my church choir," she said.

She continued to write and hone her vocal skills. Eventually, she recorded a number of singles, including 20 Grand Bill and Fugitive, which were both released in 2017, and Conversation in the Mind in 2019.

"I plan to do a video for Conversation in the Mind later this year in order to give it a big push," she said.

McKada said that she entered the Festival Song competition as a way to generate publicity and hone her onstage skills.

"This is an opportunity for exposure and development and it's working because now I am more confident on stage. I know the value now of working with an audience, of being interactive, so that the audience is a part of the process, and they can leave and go home knowing they are a part of an experience," she said.

McKada has been working with performance coach Philip Clarke and plans to pull out all the stops at the grand final on July 27.

"I know I have a very good chance," she said.

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