'Bishop' Elephant Man prays for Skatta at Sumfest

July 20, 2019
KENYON HEMANS PHOTO Elephant Man leads the praise and worship session at Reggae Sumfest on Friday night.
Elephant Man came out as a medieval warrior.
The Energy God in full flight at Reggae Sumfest on Friday night.

If you follow Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell on social media, you would be aware that he is an atheist. For Skatta, religion has been used as a tool to divide and conquer black people.

But being the good sport that he is, the Sumfest organiser would not refuse a call from his 'bishop' friend, Elephant Man. The 'Energy God', as he performed on Festival Night One of the great reggae show, changed from being a medieval warrior to being pastor. With the crowd fully engaged in his performance, during which time he dished out the secularised version of Hear My Cry Oh Lord, 'Bishop' Elephant Man called Skatta on stage. 

"Send out Skatta, him need God. We need to pray for Skatta," he said before asking for olive oil and eggs, and turning his Bible to Psalms 91. When Skatta presented himself, 'Bishop' Elephant Man proceeded to splash him with olive oil.

"Yuh fi love God," he said before going on to sing made-for-dancehall versions of What A Mighty God We Serve and See People Business And Leave It Alone.

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