Concrossis promotes ‘30 Billion’

August 08, 2019

US-based dancehall artiste Concrossis is amping up promotions in Jamaica on a single called 30 Billion, which was released last month.

“The response has been phenomenal so far. We’re getting airplay on reggae stations in the Tri-state area, Philadelphia and even Florida. We’re shooting a video for this song in August and giving it a major push into September,” said the deejay, whose given name is Kevin Anthony Forrest.

In September, Concrossis will be pushing another single, Progress, as he has changed his tactic from releasing an EP towards focusing on singles.

“Sometimes you have to adapt a new strategy. Right now, I am trying to build my fan base and my social media platform by adding followers and getting a certain momentum before I drop my EP. I got a great reception at events such as International Festival of Light and the Chicago Jerk Festival in the US recently by being more aggressive and interactive with the audience, a lot of energy and love; so the followers are coming on social media,” Concrossis said.

He will be coming to Jamaica in September to do promotions and organise a treat for a school in St Thomas.

“My aunt is a teacher at this school, and the kids always support my music and like it on social media. My aunt played my song, Walk Away From Trouble, and they loved it and I noticed that all of them follow me on Instagram, so if I am going anywhere in Jamaica to do something, I might as well go there,” he said.

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