I Love Dancehall makes successful debut

August 19, 2019

A venue change, and an extension of the party time are some of the issues that SST Entertainment, the promoters of I Love Dancehall, will consider when they do their evaluation of the first staging of the event, which was held at the Constant Spring Golf Club in St Andrew last Saturday.

According to the promoters, the event celebrates a culture which is embedded in the people of Jamaica and admired by foreigners.

"We are extremely encouraged by the first staging of I Love Dancehall. Our aim is to build a brand fostering unity of our patrons through dancehall music and to that extent, the party was a success," said, Kwesi Falconer, a promoter of the event. "Dancehall being a product of sweet Jamaica with its unique sounds, rhythms and associated dance, has served to promote happiness and a feeling of well being among Jamaicans. Dancehall's infectious pull has caused it to achieve international recognition for the past two decades to the point that it is being incorporated into almost all genres of music worldwide."

The musical presentations were by DJ Nicco DJ Arch and Chromatic Live.

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