No fake Magnum on the market, says Wray & Nephew

August 20, 2019

Marketing Director of J. Wray & Nephew Limited, Marsha Lumley, yesterday appealed to persons to be responsible when making claims about the authenticity of its products.

Lumley was responding to a viral video in which it was erroneously claimed that there is fake Magnum on the market.

"We appreciate the loyalty and enthusiasm of our consumers that have made our brands iconic and an integral part of the Jamaican tapestry. We understand that from time to time there will be questions and encourage consumers to channel these to us at J. Wray & Nephew Limited directly by using our social media accounts," she said.

Continuing, Lumley added, "By doing so, we can ensure statements in the public domain are correct and valid. Further, we can ensure that we do not inadvertently cause damage to brands that we have all come to love. Let's continue to tek charge and be responsible."

In the video, persons were seen comparing two Magnum bottles and declaring that one of them was a counterfeit item because it did not have numbers stamped on the bottom.

J. Wray & Nephew, the exclusive manufacturer of Magnum Tonic Wine and owner of the Magnum Tonic Wine brand, said that there are no counterfeit Magnum Tonic Wines in circulation.

The company said that it currently utilises two bottles in the packaging of Magnum Tonic Wine. It said that both bottles are identical, save and except for the embossing on the bottle, which includes the numbers at the bottom.

"One bottle has no numbers at the bottom and the other has visible numbers that can be felt by touch. The formulation or liquid contained in both bottles are absolutely the same," J. Wray & Nephew said.

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