Jellissen enjoys debut, Street Dance Style

August 22, 2019

Newcommer to the music scene, Jellissen, is riding high on the positive reception her first single, Street Dance Style, has been getting.

Jellissen, a Manchester native, is pumped up by the release of the song, which was produced by Cornelius Records.

“The song is about street dances in Jamaica and it highlights a time when street dances were about people enjoying themselves through good vibes and dancing,” the songstress said.

“It also plays a part in the reanimating of Byron Lee and Bogle, two iconic figures in our culture, which brings you way back to the early 2000s.”

The music video for Street Dance Style captures the beauty of locations in downtown and New Kingston with vibrant colours and the showcasing of popular dance moves, both new and old. The visual also emulates the diversity of the singer’s style.

“I have an eclectic style so it’s hard to put me in a box but I would say at this moment, my sound could be described as modern dancehall, tropical pop, and of course reggae,” she said.



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