Vybrid targets Europe

September 12, 2019

Up-and-coming artiste Vybrid plans to go on a promotional campaign for his single, Gal Criminal, which he thinks has the ability to take the world by storm.

"I would consider my music to be global in the sense that I have songs that appeal to every kind of demographic worldwide. Gal Criminal is already making waves in North America, and I plan on targeting the European market in the coming weeks," he said.

Vybrid, who is based in Atlanta in the United States of America, is also currently promoting other songs, such as One Mission, Get Vex and Feelings.

"I am putting a strong promotional muscle behind Get Vex at the moment because it resonates well with the ladies. I have females who message me, asking if I wrote the song about them. The positive comments are what push me to keep doing good music. When my fans are happy, I feel accomplished," said Vybrid.

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