Car accident an eye-opener for Kapella Don

October 17, 2019
Kapella Don
Kapella Don

Now more than ever, up-and-coming dancehall artiste Kapella Don says he values the days he's blessed with on Earth.

In July, the entertainer was in a car accident while on his way from Reggae Sumfest. He was behind the wheel of his car when two other vehicles allegedly engaged in a race, forced him off the road.

Although sustaining only minor injuries, Kapella said the accident has left him with a new lease on life particularly as it relates to his career.

"In that moment, it was frightening. In my mind I was saying this could be it and I was thinking about how much more I could do with my life and my career," he said. "When me come outta it, me decide say me a go pursue music with everything weh me have. It's like the accident motivate me more, make me more hungry for this. It also make me appreciate everything weh happen for me since then. I took the time out to reflect on my life and decide what steps I will take to get to where I want."

Troubled past

The entertainer told THE STAR that having used music to separate himself from his troubled past, he wants his work to encourage other troubled youth.

"My life came with a lot of obstacles. My parents are deceased. My father died when I was two and my mother was a drug addict, who died when I was 17. Me a ketch court case from me a 14, me do one year a jail and three years a juvenile prison, and music a weh me a use fi change my lifestyle," he said.

"Knowing my past and what I have been through, me just wah people know say a di same bad breed yute a do good inna life and a try change him pace. I'm not doing bad anymore and I want my music to encourage other youths with troubled pasts that they can make something of themselves," he added.

Kapella Don is currently promoting the songs One Life and Badbreed Badness.

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