Ding Dong crowned King of Dance - Dedicates honour to Bogle and dancehall community

October 18, 2019
Photos By Stephanie Lyew Marketing manager at J. Wray and Nephew Limited Marsha Lumley surprises entertainer Ding Dong with the ‘King of Dance’ crown at Magnum Tonic Wine’s BIG 20 anniversary celebration at Mas Camp last Wednesday, October 16.
Ding Dong

Dancer-turned-recording artiste Ding Dong has been crowned King of Dance. As Magnum Tonic Wine set its BIG 20th anniversary celebration into motion last Wednesday night, the Magnum representatives not only introduced Spice as the brand’s newest ambassador but awarded her and Ding Dong with the official titles of ‘Queen of Stage’ and ‘King of Dance’, respectively.

Following the handover of the awards, an emotional and almost speechless Ding Dong said, “We grow up idolising the likes of Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy so much that the streets gave him the kingship for his work that he delivered. I think as dancers, we have been overlooked in so many ways, so with such an acknowledgment of this magnitude, it is beyond words – a wow moment for me.

“Some persons believe all that I have achieved just happened to me. It doesn’t come that easy, and the work continues to carry on the legacy of dance.”

The King of Dance honour highlights Ding Dong’s contribution to dance, leading in the dancehall sphere with smooth moves and engaging music such as Holiday, the collaboration with singer Chevaughn that stamped Ding Dong as a recording artiste to be reckoned with in the industry.

“Ding Dong has been our brand ambassador since 2017 and has been doing impeccable work with us, but what is paramount is that there is no better synergy between our brand and the artiste, who truly loves Magnum Tonic Wine and takes it everywhere he goes,” said Marsha Lumley, marketing manager of J. Wray and Nephew Limited.

In 2002, Ding Dong, whose given name is Kemar Ottey, put his first love, football, on the back burner to pursue dancing. He experimented with songwriting and was instrumental in the concept behind the single Wacky Dip, an ode to Bogle performed by dancehall group Voicemail. According to Ding Dong, the legendary dancer did not get the chance to be who he was supposed to be, having been killed in 2005 at the height of his career.

“Bogle basically passed almost three years after I took up dancing seriously, and at the time, the dance scene became stagnant because dancers were scared of going out in the streets. I was like, no, we have to do this because if it was any of us, he (Bogle) would still go out and represent,” he said.

“This award means he never did the work in vain so that now, people will acknowledge us as pioneers, so yes, I dedicate it to Bogle, not only him but the streets, the Ravers Clavers family, my community of Nannyville, and for all persons working hard, even the peanut vendor that represents for dancehall.”

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