Skatta issues warning ahead of Kanye concert - Producer says he has police on speed dial

October 18, 2019
Skatta Burrell
Skatta Burrell
Kanye West
Kanye West

Veteran dancehall producer and proud atheist Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell says he has the New Kingston police on speed dial in the event that Kanye West's 'Sunday Service' disturbs his Friday night. Burrell was speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR when he explained that aside from hindering people from going about their businesses, the massive free concert, set to take place inside the Emancipation Park this evening, will not benefit Jamaicans.

"I for one will be avoiding Emancipation Park and I have New Kingston police on speed dial because if the rejoicing start to disturb me, I will be ensuring the Noise Abatement Act is fully enforced," he said.

"On a busy day like Friday when people really need to go about their business, we're gonna move heaven and earth to facilitate this venture, but that is Jamaica for you. I don't know what we think we're gonna be gaining from all of this. I think it will cost us, if anything."

Burrell says he believes the negative repercussions of the show will far outweigh the positives.

"I don't see what it will do for tourism and I am yet to see the blessings overflowing from a mass gathering of people singing and praying. But the Government seems to be making every effort to facilitate whatever amount of security persons they will need on the ground to make traffic flow or stop traffic and hold up working class people heading home on a Friday, just to facilitate this guy's thing," he continued.

Burrell noted that since Jamaicans are among some of the world's most religious, West's appearance comes as no surprise. He also expressed that the event may generate more interest than a usual gospel gathering. "Jesus is still the biggest attraction in this island, so we can expect a four-corner roadblock. When the messenger is a huge celebrity, it adds to the value of the 'Wow' factor," he said.

But other than generating a buzz, Skatta believes blessings from the event will be slow in coming. "When Kanye do him thing and pack up and leave, we sit and wait for the blessings that were requested and prayed and asked for by the congregation. And we're gonna be sitting and waiting for these things to be delivered to no avail, while we will feel the repercussions of slowing down an entire day."

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