Spice cools it on big Magnum day

October 18, 2019

Spice is known for suggestive tracks like ' Cool It', a song that, when performed, usually involves her dancers throwing ice on their private parts, which, ironically, gets members of the audience feverish.

However, during Wednesday night's grand performance at Mas Camp for Magnum's Big 20th anniversary celebration, Spice quickly nipped the stunt in the bud after Team Spice's Pretty Pretty and TC invited popular dancer Shelly Belly on stage to perform it. The DJ had started playing the track, and a dancer had fetched a bucket of ice as he readied himself to take on the Queen of Stage.

But nothing happened. Spice, having joined forces with Magnum Tonic Wine, said that her decision not to perform Cool It was in no way linked to the deal she had struck with Magnum to be a brand ambassador.

"I think even though Magnum wants me to be myself, it was a launch. That is the reason I stopped them and said to leave it for the dancehall, a place of fun in the streets where we can act all dirty as much as we want. I did not want to go overboard with the raunchiness," she explained.

Exactly three years ago, the proclaimed Queen of Stage was criticised for her performance at a concert honouring Jamaican athletes who had participated in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which was viewed as inappropriate, given the scale of the event and the specially invited guests. It seemed to have taught her a lesson.

"There is also a time and place for everything, and being that I know that there are many people present who may not necessarily have a problem with certain things, it doesn't mean you take advantage of the situation and go 100 per cent extreme," Spice said.

Spice, like Magnum, is celebrating 20 years in the dancehall.

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