'Most Hon. Brogad' Andrew Holness sets Twitter alight

October 25, 2019

Image result for andrew holness, Clarks jamaica starThere was once a narrative that said something to the effect that a prime minister should be stiff, boring statesman.

Well, Andrew Holness continues to rip up that script.

The 47-year-old Holness, who appears to be gradually putting himself in general election mode, changed his name on Twitter to the 'Most Hon. Brogad' this morning.

It was for a brief moment, but the change was noticed by his throng of social media followers, many of whom approved.

Holness' temporary adjustment to his page follows a suggestion from Twitter users for him to use the title "Most Hon. Brogad", a term that is used in the streets to refer to a male who commands maximum respect.

Holness has long demonstrated an ability to connect with persons on social media, especially young people who follow popular culture closely.

Who can forget how, in 2015, as Leader of the Opposition, Holness borrowed a line from a Vybz Kartel song and posted a photo of himself, apparently dusting off a pair of Clarks?

The tweet read: "A weh yuh get dah new Clarks deh daadi? Clarks is my preferred shoe, the desert Clarks is particularly comfortable."


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