‘Music nowadays lacks melody’ - Inner Circle band member says music could gain more international success if it was more melodious

November 07, 2019
Inner Circle
Inner Circle
Inner Circle
Inner Circle

Ian Lewis of the Inner Circle Band says today's artistes could set themselves up for major international accomplishments on the film circuit if they spend more time on the music.

Lewis says the music coming from today's generation lacks melody and the latter is a determining factor when film producers are selecting songs for a movie soundtrack.

Inner Circle's 1992 hit, Bad Boys, is still being selected for major projects worldwide and Lewis believes the song's melody and 'feel good' vibe are part of the reason. He explained that if the music being produced today were to re-acquire some melody, more Jamaican work would be selected as movie soundtracks.

No joke thing

"Yuh see that thing called melody, is no joke thing. It's the melody that will stay with people. Most people still don't know the lyrics to Bad Boys but they know the hook because the hook was melodious and that's why it's still going," he said.

"Songs are like a piece of art innu, yuh affi take yuh time work on it and remember what you do today going to benefit you tomorrow. It's not just we alone, yuh have Bob Marley and a whole heap a man out there whose music will never die because dem did full a melody and it touch people heartstring."

Pointing out that he is not one to bash young artistes for creating their own lane in music, Lewis highlighted one particular song from a 'nowadays' artiste that he thoroughly enjoys and thinks it has the potential to be picked up by international film companies.

"I don't want to bash anybody doing their thing but me affi keep it real. I am not saying today music, the trap dancehall or whatever dem call it, don't have melody but the artistes need to work on the song dem likkle longer," he said.

"There is this song by Vybz Kartel called Summertime, me love dat chune innu. The melody nice inna dat. And you have some more weh yuh can pick out because the younger generation have the talent, dem just need to take dem likkle time."

Inner Circle was recently on the set of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's final installation in the Bad Boys movie series. The film Bad Boys For Life will be in theatres in January 2020 and like the first two films, the group's iconic track, Bad Boys is the official soundtrack.

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