Xodus promises ‘enchanted’ carnival

November 07, 2019
Last year’s costumes were in high demand as Xodus mixed vibrant colours with global styles.

Xodus will have its 2020 band launch this Saturday at 36 Hope Road.

Patrons are invited to ‘live their fantasies’ as the carnival band presents its costume line ‘Enchanted’.

Known for eyecatching and daring costume designs, Xodus welcomes new designers Tracy Boyce, Natalie Fonrose, Samantha Ammon, and Keisha Als to the family, along with returning designers.

“Xodus has revolutionised the concept of carnival in Jamaica since our entrance into the space in 2016. Each year, we deliver above the expectations of our revellers, and it certainly is no secret that Xodus has the best experience from fête offerings, costume orders and delivery to the best vibes on the road,” said Carlos Phillpotts, director of public relations and marketing, Dream Entertainment. “It is a carefully thought-out, well-curated package that greets our patrons year after year. Our 2020 presentation is outside of your wildest dreams, absolutely magical and stunningly beautiful. Patrons are in for a treat at band launch. Xodus is known for cutting-edge quality-and the designers have not disappointed.”

The band successfully executed its preseason event, Xodus Remedy, on October 5 at Janga’s Sound Bar.

Jamaica’s carnival season kicks off this month with the presentation of the various bands, and culminates on Sunday April 19, 2020, with the Road March.

Xodus promises revellers an exciting season with its next major event, Xodus Debut, marked for February 29, 2020.

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