Container Hotspot Sunday Brunch does denim

November 19, 2019
Sassy Sam (left) and her bestie, Brit Brat, stayed by each other’s side for the party.
Dancer-artiste Daniboo (left) and her partner in crime, Tiffany, were loud in denim.
Olivia Dennis puts the finishing touches on her mannequin to win $10,000 from Campari at Container Hotspot Brunch.
Photos By Stephanie Lyew Three’s Company was the motto for these ladies (from left) Amoya Power, Venesia Suckie, and Dalila Davis.
Alicia Ferril was pretty in pink, denim and designer for Container Hotspot Brunch last Sunday, November 17.
She did not follow the dress code, but Gracia Brooks stood out in her abstract two-piece outfit accessorised with hater-blocker shades.
Olivia Dennis, the third winner for the evening of Campari’s Dress the Mannequin Challenge at Container Hotspot Sunday Brunch, flaunts her fashion and figure.
Libra Doll stepped out in denim glory with her personalised outfit by designer CKO Boss.

Inspired by women in the dancehall, promoter Ian Miles says the theme for the recent staging of Container Hotspot Sunday Brunch had to be the ‘Denim Edition’ – and it was widely supported last Sunday.

“Every month, we have a different theme, and sometimes, the theme has to do with fashion and what’s trending, and the ladies all said it and showed up in their denim,” Miles said.

To match the fashionable theme, event sponsors Campari collaborated with the promoter to host their ‘Dress The Mannequin’ challenge, where 12 females, two per round, competed against each other to see who could be a stylist for a non-living model and do so in five minutes.

At the end of the night, six lucky women walked away smiling with $10,000 cash each after demonstrating their skills in style.

Here are highlights.

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