Trapycal releases EP

November 19, 2019

St Thomas artiste Yulando Bently Mitchell, popularly known as 'Trapycal', is upbeat about his brand new nine-track EP Evolve.

"It's a long time coming and I hope my loyal fans will love the messages, and my new fans will be impressed with my body of word," said Trapycal.

His musical journey has taken him far and wide, spreading positive messages that the common person can relate to.

"This EP is my first major project and I put a lot of time and effort into the album 'cause I really want the people to connect to it," he said. "I'm mostly targeting Jamaica and the European market, the Caribbean, North America, and also Africa."

He stressed that the current quality of music is not too appealing.

"This type of music is missing. These positive songs are needed to guide the young people in our nation," he said. "All the songs (on the EP) are great, but track two, Ghetto Cry, and track three, If Mi Did Know, are coming from a personal experience."

The EP is produced by St Thomas-based label Deano Deann Records.

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