Koffee takes over local YouTube trending list - Singer’s new track racks up half a million views in 24 hours

November 28, 2019

Twenty-four hours after releasing her newest track, ' W', Grammy-nominated reggae sensation Koffee has overthrown Govana for the number one spot on the local YouTube trending list.

Govana's track, Up Front, had been in the top position for the past week, but with Koffee's latest song racking up more than half a million views in a day, it was pushed to second place yesterday.

Koffee's track was always poised to hit the top spot on the trending list, as it landed in the top ten only a few hours after it was released on Tuesday.

"A nuh news, me inna me prime," Koffee raps on the track, which features American rapper Gunna. This is perhaps an indication that the nineteen year old has come into her own and is ready to fully embrace her talents.

The song, W, encourages people to steer clear of negativity by focusing on their wins. In an interview with The Gleaner about the track's message, Koffee said the song is all about people living their best lives.

" W is all about encouraging people to focus on the wins and not the losses, to not forget to live their best life, and to always remember to give thanks. Big up to the whole team, production, the label, and special thanks to Gunna for blessing the track with his feature," she said.


The video, which was shot in Koffee's hometown, Spanish Town, sees residents preparing for a major storm. But while they expect rain, the precipitation takes the form of 'dollar downpour' as J$1,000 bills fall from the sky.

The video was directed by Matt Baron, whose clients include major brands like Gatorade, Vogue and Mini Cooper, and music mega stars like Kendrick Lamar and Madonna.

Now on the radar of some of the most popular celebrities, including Rihanna and the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, it is unlikely that Koffee's reign will let up anytime soon.

Her popularity on the international circuit makes her a strong favourite for the win in the reggae category at the upcoming Grammy awards.

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