Spice ready to go on knees with dancehall pastor

December 02, 2019
Pastor of the dancehall, Stephen Blake.

After receiving word that the self-proclaimed ‘dancehall pastor’, Stephen Blake, has his sights set on a collaboration with her, dancehall queen Spice says she is contemplating the pastor’s offer. The entertainer said that with gospel being her favourite genre of music, she’s always wanted to do a gospel-inspired track and expressed that this may very well be the perfect opportunity.

In a post made to her official Instagram page last Friday, Spice showed her readiness for the partnership by volunteering to write the track.

“Gospel is my favourite genre, mi will write the song. Temptation, who wants to hear it?” a part of the post read. “Come make we go down pan we knees together and shout out together,” the caption continued.

Speaking further with THE STAR about her interests to record a gospel track, Spice said the time is now.

“I think now is the right time to collaborate. It (gospel) remains my favourite genre, something that I have always wanted to do, so I am going to take Pastor Blake up on his offer,” she said, revealing that she’s already made contact with the pastor and is now looking forward to the musical process.

Whether she will sing or deejay on the track remains anyone’s guess, but Spice said however she decides to approach the single, it will be unique.

“Like I said, I always want to do a gospel song but just never got around to it. I am sure this will be a unique, well-received collaboration.”

Feeling blessed that Spice has connected with him, Pastor Blake told THE STAR he looks forward to making a track that will move Spice’s followers.

“I am making every effort to accomplish what I set out to do and that is to make a moving track that speaks to her listeners, the general dancehall community, and lovers of music that speaks to the spiritual and emotional,” he said.

While the pair continues to hold discussions, Spice’s fans have already begun to show immense interest in the pending collaboration.

“Dis a guh nice,” one fan commented.

“I’m here for it sister Gracey,” another posted.

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