Haynes Records wants to preserve dancehall

December 09, 2019
Anthony Haynes
Anthony Haynes

Producer Anthony Haynes of Haynes Records says he is aiming to preserve the indigenous identity of dancehall music and to maintain the vibe of Jamaican culture.

Haynes said, "Dancehall lately not crossing into international boundaries, but I guess these producers don't mind 'cause they all are [focused] on being hot in Jamaica instead of looking to bridge the generation gap."

He said that he is not planning on going into 2020 focusing on trap dancehall beats as he believes they are played out.

"If I should decide to do any, it would be very slightly to please the artiste because business is business and the younger generation is mostly consuming trap. So you can't turn a blind eye, but we must be careful," he said.

The producer, who is known for working with artistes such as Kalado, Stein, Chico, and Sikka Rhymes, says that influential producers need to do more to expand our brand instead of taking away from it.

"One time going through, you would have to voice for big labels to buss. Now, in 2019, you don't need that, just your computer and the Internet, and that's a great chance that I appreciate in spite of the crisis," he said.

He is adamant also that artistes need to stop telling producers that they want trap dancehall because the producers are recycling their own beats so it is harder to differentiate rhythms, which he believes is bad for our culture.

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