Designer hosts pop-up shop in Mandeville

December 11, 2019
Tamia Carey at her pop-up event in Mandeville.
Tamia Carey at her pop-up event in Mandeville.
Some of the handmade accessories offered.
Some of the handmade accessories offered.

Designer Tamia Carey hosted a pop-up shop event showing off her Christmas collection in Mandeville, Manchester, last Sunday.

The collection features attractive designs for primarily full-figured women, as well as some gorgeous fabric clutches and other accessories.

Shoppers arrived by appointment, sipped sangria, nibbled on tasty treats and listened to soothing music while they received personalised attention from Carey and her team.

Carey told CENTRAL STAR that she chose Mandeville because many of her clients live in the town.

Carey began business with an online store some 10 years ago and, as the business has grown, she has since added a location on Ardenne Road in St Andrew.

"This is our first Jamaican pop-up shop, we send items to customers here but we have never seen them face to face, so we are also hoping to go to Montego Bay next," she said.

The Victoria Bed and Breakfast along Kendal Road offered the perfect setting, as Carey wanted her customers to shop in a certain relaxed ambience.

All designs are made locally from fabric bought here; the accessories are also produced locally. The most requested piece is the plus size special occasion maxi dress.

"That dress is not stocked in most local stores. In the near future I am thinking of accessories made from Colombian leather; these could be bags or peplum belts for curvy, sexy women, and I will also be sewing all bags in Jamaica now," she said.

With her background in digital marketing, art and architecture, Carey decided on fashion because she saw the niche.

"For a country with predominantly full-figured women who are happy with their bodies, I find it hard to understand how most boutiques carry skinny clothes. I think we should empower what is around us, embrace us and wear clothing that flatters us," she said.

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